Ho Chunk Immersion Experience
June 7-8, 2019
All smiles while sitting in church!

40+ people from the United Church of Christ gathered together at the Ho Chunk UCC church in Black River Falls Wisconsin. We came to hear the stories of how the Ho-Chunk church began and who the members are. Turns out they are beautiful!
Pastor Tim, Lynette, and Laurie represented the Nekoosa UCC.
Hattie recalled and shared stories of being taken to Indian boarding schools away from parents and family. Some were adopted out of the school and into white families. 
                    Sad stories.

We all participated in "the Blanket Experience". Blankets covered the grass representing America! Little by little the Indiginous peoples land became smaller...and smaller. 
Lynette got "relocated" to a reservation west of the Mississippi. I don't think she liked her new little piece of land.
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