Confirmation Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

8 Required events (all are required)
1.)Attend 3 Prayer services or Bible Studies
2.)Sermon reports 20 out of 35 Sundays
3.) Participate in 8 out of 10 classes on Wednesdays
4.) 1 mission trip or mission work event. (trip, neighbors table, rake leaves, 
Or UCC confirmation event @ Pilgrim center or Moon Beach) 
5.) Parent, Grandparent, Guardian, Mentor must be present in class 2x per confirmand (A mentor will be arranged if given two weeks notice to Pastor Tim)
6.) Help at 2 church activities (serve or clean up at Chicken dinner, pig roast, Pumpkin fest, help build float for parade, Christmas caroling, Christmas Youth play, etc… 
7.) Attend 3 of 7 Lenten Services + sermon reports – 1 must be at UMC
8.) Sign, and follow a behavior covenant of respect.

While these requirements must be met, I will be willing to arrange alternative tasks or projects other than listed if agreed upon before February 8th. 

This is a rough schedule and may be changed or updated as needed.

Nekoosa UCC events: October 1st – 2nd - Pumpkin Fest - all church activity